All our cloths can be printed in full colour, have Nano Technology water resistance and conforms to British Fire Retardant Standard (BS5902).







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There is a charge for the cost of the artwork and screen preparation. We will be pleased to quote, based on your particular supplied information.

Balmoral "Super-Glide"

Code: NT02

This is our best selling cloth and an amazing material unique to BCC. At 0.040mm thickness, this cloth is extremely hard wearing with exceptional 'spill and stain' resistance qualities. It is burn resistant and conforms to British Fire Retardant Standard (BS5902). As the cloth has no directional nap it will not produce fluff or lint to interfere with Chipping Machines or Card Shufflers. The unique Dye-Sublimation process ensures that all colours last throughout the life of the cloth and maintain their original lustre. Therefore Buckingham will outlast and out-perform competitive products resulting in significant cost savings to the users.


Buckingham "Super-Glide"

Code: MA01

BCC leads the Graphics Layout market with this product which is arguably the most superior to any other currently available. It is the same "super glide" technology as found in the NT01 cloth but weighing in at an imprssive 0.70mm thickness it also offers an unparalleled feeling of supreme luxury and style. Like all other cloths we can provide Full Graphics on a cloth developed specifically for the Casino market, Fire Retardant as standard, luxurious heavyweight feel, and full of vibrant photo quality colours.

Our cloths are available in the traditional range of casino colours, and in most cases, it is possible to match specific colours and Pantone numbers where specified* that may be required by particular designers. We have a very comprehensive range of designs available, but should you require customised versions, our in-house design team will be pleased to assist. 



Code: G001

Our thinnest cloth at 0.38mm Westminster still packs a punch and provides an excellent base for Casino operators. It is a full graphic cloth that gives an excellent resolution. It has a remarkable luxurious feel but maintains the exceptional playing quality that makes the dealing of chips and cards dealer/player friendly. This hardwearing cloth has been tested and proved to outlast our competitors and maintains our ‘spill and stain’ resistant quality that all BCC layouts have. The cloth is backed with an exclusive backing material that gives the cloth a small amount of stretch whilst maintaining stability, thus making the tight fitting of cloth easier to avoid wrinkles but at the same time providing full FR protection to British Standards.



Code: G005

Often the preferred choice for high end and high stakes poker tables Windsor is our most robust cloth coming in at an impressive 0.610mm thickness with a canvas style backing that provides unparalleled protection and durability. We are the preferred supplier of customised poker cloths in the UK, our poker cloths are used in the major televised poker tournaments including WPT, EPT and PokerStars.

Like all our table games cloths are Poker cloths are all Fire Retardant to British Standard and are covered by a BS Fire Certificate, providing peace of mind to your health and safety executive and your insurer.





We include this on all our cloths FOC!


Our competitors charge substantial extra amounts for this process and we do it for FREE!!


Nano is an additional treatment you can add to your layouts to prolong the life of your cloths. Nano treatment is a clear spray which is made up of a metal compound which when applied, adds a protective layer to the surface of the cloth without affecting the feel of it. The Nano treatment acts as a shield against any spillage which may occur and has been tested against a variety of liquids such as coffee and wine. The Nano treatment will not allow the liquid to soak into the cloth giving you time to clean any spill and resume gaming quickly. See images above.



Inspired by Nature Nano Technology was first discovered and recognised in the

Blue Morpho Wing Butterfly, found in the depths of the Amazon Rain Forrest.



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